Baby BANANA | Natural Snack | Tropical Fruit | What is it? How to eat?

Banana – Baby banana – thin skin – three to four inches in length in average – sweeter in flavor (rich and sweet with vanilla and caramel undertones once ripe) – smaller appearance/petite in size – used as a snack (eating fresh) – used to make smoothies, pudding, cakes, bread, baby food, muffins, cookies, ice cream and tarts – grown in the tropical countries (South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia) – bright yellow skin when ripe – slow becoming soft and mushy when placing them in a refrigerator – a very dense creamy texture – known as nino banana, lady finger banana, finger banana, ladyfinger banana

According to Dole website, baby bananas have 10% Manganese, 290 mg Potassium, 15% Vitamin B6 and contain resistant starch and prebiotic fiber. Resistant starch and prebiotic fiber are two compounds that can aid in weigh loss.

Normal ripen: store at room temperature Fast ripen: store at a warmer place Slow ripen: store in refrigerator

Anyway, it is a great natural snack/healthy snack.