Sugar. What is it? Do we need it? Do we get diabetes if we consume it?

Let’s talk a little bit about sugar today.  I don’t know much about sugar besides what I’m using it daily.  Nowadays, people claim sugar for many things like eating sugar you’re gone’s a getting fat or sugar causes people getting

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How much do you know about the United States presidential election?

How much do I know about United States presidential election? In my understanding, the United States presidential election happens every four year. Often, in the (very beginning) year of election, each political party must nominate one person out to run

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How to Sprout Mung Beans at Home (many methods, no rinsing and no spraying everyday)

Method #1: Making bean sprouts by using an unused Welch’s grape box and dishwasher What do we need in order to do? We need mung beans, unused grape box, napkins, towel, water, dish and container. How to do? Soak mung

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How to create a new channel on YouTube

To create a channel on YouTube, Create a YouTube account. Sign in your YouTube account. Try to upload something or create a playlist. Then there is a prompt asking you to create a channel if you haven’t have one yet.

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How to disable ads on your Windows 10 Lock Screen

As everyone of us knows that we don’t have to pay any dime purchasing/using Windows 10 operating system; however, in return, we see ads appearing along with us when using the computer.  That’s how the way it’s supported in order for

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How to see who viewed your Facebook profile the most?

Do you want to find out who viewed your Facebook account? If you like me then I have something to share with you. To find out who viewed your Facebook account, just do as the following instruction then bummmm you got

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How to change my Birthday in Facebook account?

If you have question about how do I change my birthday and choose who I share it with, why can’t I change my birthday, changing the date of birth on Facebook account, how can I change my birthday date, month, and

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How to Change the Font Size in WordPress

Let’s say you’re using a free WordPress theme and your blog is kind a difficult to read but you know there is something wrong with the font.  The font seem too small; it’s not really really small but it’s small

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How to solve “The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it”

At my WHM server, under Server Configuration and inside Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, I got the following error messages. Red alert messages: An API Token for the Pushbullet API The current value for this field is invalid. You must update

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