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Today, I’m going to show all of you how I fry shrimp chips which are known as prawn crackers too. First, you need a pot to bring some cooking oil to hot/boil. The easy way to fry is use something like wok with a oil ripping rack which is very helpful for your cracker not holding to much oil. In this video, I use a electric wok which is great for frying. I used to do many stuffs already. If you’re interesting in this wok, you can check it out at the following information for more details.

Presto Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

How To Fry Shrimp Chips | Prawn Crackers

To fry the chips, you need to bring cooking oil to hot. Then add chips into the hot oil. When the chips turn light golden yellow, remove it from the hot oil.

There are two ways to fry prawn crackers/shrimp chips.

1. Traditional way
– usually for party or special event
– The fried chip must be flat.
– Fry one by one.
– Stretching the chip to flat as must you can.

2. Modern way: my way or…
– …for personal eating/family eating
– 3:06
– It doesn’t matter the fried chip is flat or not.
– Fry bunch of chips at a time.

You can get a raw prawn crackers package at any grocery store where sells Asian food. It is cost around $1 for a 12-oz package. You can make your own raw shrimp crackers too. I haven’t done it yet but I heard my dad said how to make it. I’ll try it in the near future.

This time, I set the temperature at 350*F and used peanut cooking oil which I bought on clearance (3 gallons cooking oil). First, I thought this brand name peanut cooking oil is good so I didn’t mind buying it on clearance. I had bought couple 3-gallons boxes (not clearance) in the past, the oil was very good when frying and smelled great. This time, this cooking oil box turned out not smelling any peanut at all and the taste was completely difference from the past. I compared two carton boxes, everything was the same except where to make it. The old one was stamped Made in USA and the new one was stamped multiple countries (USA and…) I was un-happy because, after spending many hours for food prepping, the result was not good.

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