Clean a Dirty Pool with Minimal Cost

Clean a Dirty Pool with Minimal Cost

Today, I show you how to clean a pool, a really dirty pool which might cost you hundreds to thousand dollars if you hire a pool technician. It is not really hard to do as long as you can stay calm, patient, not frustration; that’s good to go.

In this video, I only need couple jugs of liquid chlorine and some 4-in-1 chlorine tabs. Beside that, I used a brush to brush the pool wall and the bottom of the pool and used a pool skimmer to skim dirt as much as I can.

Finally, I made a conclusion on how to clean the dirty pool for you at the following.

Here are steps how to clean a dirty pool.
1. Brush the pool (bottom & wall).
2. Skim all dirt.
3. Turn on the pool pump.
4. Vacuum the pool until it is cleaned.
5. Re-skim dirt.
6. Change & clean the pool filter.
7. Vacuum again if it’s necessary.
8. Add chlorine tabs to a floater.
9. Add an half jug of liquid chlorine.
10. Turn on the pump again and add a left half jug of chlorine liquid next day.

That’s it.

Later on, just run the pump everyday, vacuum until it’s cleaned. Add more liquid chlorine if it’s needed.

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