Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Speed Odometer Sensor Fit for Honda Accord Vehicle 1994-1997

Dade Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Speed Odometer Sensor Fit for Honda Accord Vehicle 1994-1997 Replace# 78410SV4003 78410-SV4-003
Check the compatibility OEM Part number before purchase for fitment.

Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Speed Odometer Sensor Fit for Honda Accord Vehicle 1994-1997

Here is the story.

After my car meter was broken which mean it didn’t show the how many speed when I drove, my brother changed this vehicle speed sensor, it works back normal again, so I don’t worry getting speeding tickets or honing for being so slow. It cost less than $10.

It is not hard to change at all. I forget to record the vehicle how did he change it, but I will tell you how did he do in the future vehicle. The buyer describes it fit for Honda Accord vehicle 1994-1997, but it fit for my car too. My car is 22 years old, Honda Prelude 1997. So far so good now.

Back in late July 2019, I was driving at 50 miles/hour before stopping at the Super Walmart in Orlando then I found out my car got a D blinking for non stop. Then I went back home, on the way back home, I kept looking at the blinking D to see any change. There was nothing changing and I found out my car speedometer/odometer didn’t work at all. It kept at 0 and, sometimes, it jumped up to 45 and went back to 0 right away. I stopped by Firestone to get fixing, but they said it need to get a system check before telling me what need to be fix because the engine light was on. He said it need a special technician who specializes for engine/engine light check to get the system check and he said it cost $100 for checking, but that technician was not here. He got me appointment for Monday because I stopped by at Friday evening (2-3 hours) before closing time and they had many cars to do on Saturday and Sunday…

Here is specification which the seller describes this part.
– Material: Metal
– Part Number: OEM 78410-SV4-003 78410SV4003 78410 SV4 003 SU4015 / 31067 / WA3025 / SC136 / 31067 S8384 / 799-9734 / 163-728 / 5S4591
– Fitment:
1997 Acura CL
1993-2005 Acura NSX
1999-2000 Acura TL
1992-1997 Honda for accord
1992-1995 Honda Civic
1993-1997 Honda Civic del Sol
1995-1997 Honda odyssey
2000-2001 Honda odyssey EX
1993-2001 Honda Prelude
1997-2001 Honda Prelude Base
1996-1997 Isuzu Oasis
– Package Included:
1 x Vehicle Speed Sensor
1 x Drive pin

The seller also said that you may change the speed sensor if your vehicle have appeared the following faults:
1. Odometer is non functional
2. Speed on odometer is grossly inaccurate
3. Rev limiter is no longer functional
4. Loss of gas milage
5. SES (Service Engine Soon) light illuminated

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