Making Bean Sprouts with a Carton Box

Making Bean Sprouts with a Carton Box & Paper Towels (no watering daily) – FULL

Making Bean Sprouts with a Carton Box

Ingredient: mung beans

What do we need? a carton box, paper towels, a box, large towels and water.

Less than a day of soaking beans.

After laying beans into a carton box, the timelines of growing beans are
1st day checking – skipped checking because I knew for sure that there is no way the beans grow in 1 day without special nutritions.
2nd day checking – checked, not ready yet.
3rd day checking – checked, okay to eat but not long enough.
4th day checking – checked, perfect time taking out.
So, it took me 4 days to get sprouts but I think if I redo, I’ll take them out sooner (3.5 days are enough) and if I don’t open to check the beans on daily, I’ll get sprouts in 3 days after soaking beans.

This process took a little longer comparing to my other sprouting processes (dishwasher machine processing). Reasons? I’ll tell you soon.


  1. how many days does it take for the whole process?

    – Please see above explanation, under SHOW MORE section.

  2. how long did it take to grow like this?

    – It took 4 days. Please, see details in Description box.

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