Make Cherry Juice without Juicer Machine, 100% Handmade | Acerola/Barbados Cherry Juice

Uploaded on Sep 18, 2018.

This video is cut from a video of making barbado cherry juice which I did last year. That video kinds a long, 54 minutes. Today, I tried cut it down and then it’s down to 33 minutes. Hope it can help for those people who want to make acerola juice from their garden barbados cherry tree. I’ll cut short short shorter later. I can’t promise the time because, as you known, I’m not a professional editor or regular editor; it’s really bored when you watch your own video over over again, especially, you’re the cast in that video. If you still have question about/want to watch that long video, then here it is

Barbados Cherry Juice – No Juicer/Juice Extractor Needed (UNCUT)

Next, I might cut a video which I made dumplings.

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Making Barbados Cherry Juice
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