LONGAN fruits | what is it? how it looks like? how to eat | Tropical Fruit

LONGAN fruits | what is it? how it looks like? how to eat | Tropical Fruit


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Published on Sep 10, 2016
Longan is a tropical fruit and actually named dimocarpus longan; however, people know and call it “longan” for short and easy.

The tree is grown popular and live well in Southeast Asia because it’s a tropical tree.

“Dried longan are often used in Chinese cuisine and Chinese sweet dessert soups. In Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine, it is believed to have an effect on relaxation.” (Wikipedia)

According to Wikipedia, longan tree can live at the temperature at 40 °F or 4.5 °C and above and still survive at 28 °F or −2 °C for brief period.

Yes, it can survive and live up straight through the winter with these temperature but does it give us fruits after that is another story.

Here are some names I collected around the world. If you know another name, please share below.
English: longan
French: Longane
Spanish: El ojo de dragón
Simplified Chinese: 龙眼
Traditional Chinese: 龍眼
Pinyin: lóngyǎn
Vietnamese: nhãn
Indonesia: Lengkeng

Can we grow longan tree in USA? Yes, we can. As I known, you can grow them in California and Florida (up to Orlando) without protection in the winter. There are many longan farms in south Florida. Lucky for you if you’re living in Florida because… Florida is a only state in the US can grow tropical fruits and vegetables year round and at the same time having NASA, Disney Worlds, Sea Worlds, Gator Land, Busch Garden, the Keys, Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico and hurricanes.

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