How To Make Pickled Radish and Carrots

How To Make Pickled Radish and Carrots

Published on Mar 25, 2019
How To Make Pickled Radish and Carrots
How To Make It
Pickled Radish and Carrots

What do you need to be done?
– shredded radish (1 – 2 big)
– shredded carrots (1/2 – 1 big)
– vinegar, water, salt

In the video, I used one (1) big radish and around an half (1/2) big carrot.

Also, I used 1 cup of vinegar and 5 cups of water. The solution was a little sourer than normal, so you can add an extra cup of water or you can add a little bit less than a cup of vinegar. If you don’t mind the sour, you can keep the same. If you’re 50/50, then use 1 cup of vinegar and 5.5 cups of water.

Oh, there is one more thing I need to tell you. I used a regular store-bought American vinegar; it’s a bit stronger/sourer. If you use another special vinegar which is less sour, then I think you’re okay with 1:5. For people using coconut vinegar/palm vinegar, I think it is fine with 1:5 too.

At the end, you saw I don’t use all of them for the pickle, the rest I used to make other stuffs. If you have a large container/jar, you can dump all of them in and reuse them after eating all the pickles.

What does the carrot and radish pickle use for?
They’re used to eat with
– Vietnamese sub
– Vietnamese Bun Thit Nuong/Cha Gio (rice vermicelli noodles with grilled pork and or egg rolls)
– Vietnamese Banh Xeo (rice flour pan cake/waffle/pizza)

At 5:58, I mean a food dehydrators. If you have it, you can use to dry the radish and carrots for a little bit. An alternative is drying them under the sun. You can skip drying them, but they still have some water in them unless you have strong hands to squeeze them. The purpose of drying them is having the pickle last longer; that’s what I think.

homemade pickle
homemade pickled radish and carrot

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