How to grow bean sprouts at home with an unused grape box (Welch’s grape box)

Here is my first time making bean sprouts from unused grape box… you can say it was successful, but maybe, it was not perfect yet because I kept too long, I shall take it out a little bit earlier then the sprouts might be perfect.

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So, when you try doing this project, you should take them out a little earlier.

Here sum up how I did and you can follow it. These steps include my tips after making it.

1. Soak beans in the warm water. Little warm but not too much warm because too much warm or hot will damage the beans.
2. Lay a wet paper towel at the bottom of an unused Welch’s grape box. If you don’t have Welch’s grape box, you can use other grape box but make sure the box has some holes at the bottom.
3. Lay a thin beans layer. In the video, I laid the beans too thick then they ended up too crowded.
4. Lay another wet paper towel and then another layer of beans.
5. Repeat it until you think it’s enough. To me, it’s enough is around 3-5 layers.
6. Place them in the dishwasher. You can place them anywhere you want but that place must be dark, air-free… but I’m not sure because I made them with my infrequent used dishwasher.
7. Sit and wait for your sprouts or go to party or short vacation and come back 2 days later for your sprouts.

*** In the video, I soaked the whole box in a container of water for 15 minutes one time during the processing. In my experience, you don’t need to soak them in the water or to spray the water on them at all as long as you cover them with the thick/dark towel.

*** For sure, you can check them on the second day. If the sprouts are okay to eat, take them out, if they’re not then keep there for another day but make sure double check the paper towels, if they’re dried out or you feel they are not wet enough, you should/can soak them in the water.

Note: This article was posted on YouTube of this video on July 10, 2016.