Dried Shrimp How to Eat/Cook Product of USA | Shrimp | Seafood | Louisiana

Dried Shrimp How to Eat/Cook Product of USA | Shrimp | Seafood | Louisiana

Today, I’m going to show you a package of dried shrimps which are made in US from Louisiana. Some of you already know what a dried shrimp is but there is some people out there have never seen or known a dried shrimp yet and/or have no idea what is it about. Dried shrimps are costly in the US. Back then, many southeast Asia countries which are located along the Mekong Delta river, have a plenty of people making dried shrimps at their own home and then sell their products to the local market. They were naturally drying (under the healthy sun). Nowadays, I think there are not many of them doing it anymore… Dried shrimps which are dried under the sun (sun-dried shrimps) are tasted much better than the ones are dried in the machine (dehydrated shrimps). They are costly because, as far as I know, in order to have 1 kg of dried shrimps, it takes at least 4 kg of fresh shrimps. Also, to make a great dried shrimps, we need to use only fresh shrimps, no frozen, no refrigerator, no salty preserve, no chemical, no ice… You also found a short clip which I showed how I cooked dried shrimps in the soup at the end of this video.

While I’m waiting for this video uploading, I found out an interesting video about the history of Louisiana shrimp industry. They used to dry shrimps under the sun like people in southeast Asia did. In southeast Asia, most people dry them in a bamboo trays on the shelve or rooftop… Here is the link to the video “Louisiana Dried Shrimp History” – https://youtu.be/TVUbHLnV3MI

Maybe, I’ll make some more video about how to use the dried shrimps. I mean cooking, eating…

If you want to know the real cost for an ounce of dried shrimps, you can find them in Asian grocery stores or Walmart stores. They’re are very costly. The package of dried shrimps I showed you in this video is from my brother who gave it to my dad. My dad uses dried shrimps in everything, from soup to fried rice to instant noodle soup. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is, he purchases it anyway because he was born and grew up in southeast Asia… Me? I’m, in opposite, I rarely buy it because of its expensive…

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